About Kauf Drops W/ Dustin Kaufman

Kauf Drops w/ Dustin Kaufman is a Late Night Sketch Comedy Show filmed live at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, MO.

Kauf Drops w/ Dustin Kaufman is a blend of everything Dustin has been doing all wrapped up into one mess of hilarities. He may be the host and fearless leader, but by no means is this a one man show. Dustin has stacked the deck with an amazing team of writers and a small, but talented cast of comedic actors who all have a background in improv, theater and, or stand-up comedy. The cast members are commonly referred to as “The Kauf Drops Players.” Dustin and his “Players” bring something new to the table every week. Opening Monologue Jokes, mock interviews, sketches, comedic editorials, commercial parody’s, etc. and you can always expect to see a special live performance at the end of every episode.