A lot of bio’s are written by the author as if somebody else is writing about them. Allow me to skip the 3rd person and just tell you about myself.

First and foremost I am a dad. I am the proud father of 2 boys and the happy husband of one wife. For the past 2 plus years I have been working Residential Retail and Commercial Account Management in the flooring industry. Sales. I work in sales. I entered the flooring industry with no ego and the willingness to learn and quickly became one of the top earners in the company. In fact I was top salesman in 2016 out of all 3 stores my first full year in the industry with a net sales amount of $705,000. In July 2017 I sold $87,000 with a closing ratio of 74%.

Let’s go back a little bit further now. I spent 15 years of my life as a working Stand-Up-Comedian. You read that correctly. I got paid to tell jokes. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the actual telling of the joke is such a small part of the industry. Inside of Stand-Up-Comedy more than just learning to drink for free I learned something much more valuable. I learned how to sell. Yes, I learned sales. In fact it wasn’t until I started working in sales full time did I realize I had just spent 15 years of my life learning sales and marketing.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO, but over the course of my comedy career I called home to New York, NY, Seattle, WA, Chicago IL and finally decided to lay my head and call home to Los Angeles, CA which is where I remained for several years. When I first got settled in LA I took a job marketing for Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA. In addition to that I ran their A/V on weekends at the Claremont, CA location and some weekeday nights at the Burbank location. Management saw I had experience on stage and offered me the opportunity to produce a weekly show every Wednesday night at 10pm. I called the show “Comedy Unibrow”. Theough this I had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. The show was always well praised by the comedians for being well booked and tightly ran and the club was happy enough that after a year they moved me to Thursday nights. From there I went on to produce a series of one off shows such as “Dead Funny: History of the Laugh”, “The Roast of Santa Claus” and I even got to work on the production team for Christopher Titus on the filming of his Comedy Central special “Voice In My Head”

When my wife and I learned we were pregnant with our first child we decided to move back to Kansas City where we could find the comfort of family. At this time I also decided I needed something more in life. We had a baby on the way. I needed a stronger sense of stability for myself and my family. I also wanted to see my kids more than a few times a month, so I hung up the joking boots and put on my sales shoes, which are actually just a few pairs of Chuck Taylors.

Now during the 15 year stretch of being a comedian I did a lot of other things as well. There was a point where I freelanced as a copywriter for small businesses writing magazine ads, blurbs, slogans and billboards. I did attended J.C.C.C. with a focus on creative writing. I understand script structure, sketch writing, blocking, storyboarding and editing. I’ve produced and directed many live comedy shows, a few small theater productions, video productions and Under the wing of Emery Emery (The Aristocrats) and Mark G Thornton ( I became pretty dangerous on the cutting room floor when it comes to video editing.

Video editing might be one of my favorite things to do. My biggest project to date is I directed, wrote and edited a full feature documentary called “The United States Vs America “The Last Prohibition.” It was the biggest learning experiences of my life. I was on the road for 6 weeks with a cameraman filming coast to coast. There was so much footage when I began editing it took me an entire week just to WATCH it all. It was here I learned not only story boarding, but story building as well. I learned about myself, my work ethic and my endless desire to create.

Wether I’m in sales, or production I enter each situation with an open mind. I truly believe that given the opportunity I could be a viable asset to you, your company, sales team, production team, or family.