BRIAN DAVID Bio – Writer

    Brian David is one of the head writers of Kauf Drops w/ Dustin Kaufman and the author of  “The Improvident Inquirer” a mock news source based off of Brian was born in New Jersey, raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a graduate of Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts. Brian David studied Theatre Performance at Coffeyville Community College, Avila, and Wichita State University, but stopped a semester short of finishing his B.F.A. because he thinks acronyms are creepy.
   Over the years, Brian has been a frequent collaborator and sounding board for Dustin Kaufman. They met while performing standup comedy in 2004 and, by chance, turned out to be the only two people who could even remotely stand each other’s mostly off-color material. Brian is working on being more active on Twitter and requests that, until then, you please stop (actually) following him. It really freaks him out.


No picture is available as Brian is ashamed to be associated with the show, but here’s an example of his writing.