SARAH BAUTISTA Bio – Cinematographer/Production Asst

Sarah Bautista is a cinematographer with an amazing eye and understanding for how the camera sees. Not only on the camera Sarah is the best Production Assistant a team could have.  Sarah is a Kansas girl, but this small town girl has a big town work ethic and the skills to accompany.  Sarah is passionate about acting and production for TV and film. Some of her projects include the full length feature “Ambition”, “American Idol”, “Game of Arms”, and “I Design For A Difference”. Sarah is a team player, and always having a great time living life! Yay! 



Sarah Bautista sits behind Camera #1  for every episode and we are truly grateful for her, but here is a special occasion when she stepped out from behind the camera and joined us on stage to have Dustin contact her recently passed Grandfather with the Magic Bong.