ZACH HUBER Bio – Cinematographer/Asst Editor

Zach Huber got his start in filmmaking during high school and is currently a UMKC film student who is also cutting his teeth at Stand-Up Comedy. Zach is an editor, cinematographer, actor and film maker. He has worked on and starred in such projects as “Fuck It,” “Rolling Dice,” and “El Muchachito.”. Zach attends Camera #2 for every episode of Kauf Drops w/ Dustin Kaufman, including “The Puppet Episode”  and he also films and appears in most all of the shorts. Zach has a creative mind and is a great asset to any team,  especially for comedy.  

Zach Huber

“Fuck it” – Cinematography, lighting, sound,  Edited By and “Featuring” Zach Huber